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A vocational education network supported by the Finnish National Board of Education.06 (4)

Cooperation with educational institutions and businesses; mostly in the areas of Suzhou and Shanghai China, educational institutions include: STFI, SIPIVT and Shanghai Electronic Industry School.

In operation since 2006.

Goals of the network

  • Strengthen cooperation with China in vocational education, in the fields of technology, trade, tourism and catering.
  • Develop and organize courses, on-the-job learning periods and expert exchanges in China.
  • Increase professional competition between Finland and China.


Priorities for student and expert exchanges

  • On-the-job learning and skills demonstrations.
  • Information about the culture and the country.
  • In expert exchanges, comparison of curriculums, teaching materials and arrangements; support, guidance, counseling and evaluation of students’ on-the-job learning.
  • Sharing exchange experiences and information. In expert exchanges, comparison of curriculums, teaching materials and arrangements
  • Projed-based learning and work based learning paths from Finland to China.


2006:  ChiNet network established, Pirkanmaa Vocational Institute (PIRKO) is in charge of leading the network.
2007:  First student exchange to China.
2008:  Exchanges of students and experts in the fields of automation and metalwork to both China and Finland.
2009:  Turku Vocational Institute becomes the network leader.
2010:  Cooperation in competition in the field of automation begins.
2011:  Field of tourism and catering becomes more closely involved.
2012:  Implementing online learning in exchanges in the field of technology.
2013:  Hyria Education becomes the network leader.
2014:  Shanghai Electronic Industruy School as a new partner, the first student mobilities to Shanghai.
2015:   Shanghai cooperation continues and web courses also for robotics are planned
2016: Helsinki Business College takes the lead


Actors in the network:


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